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Learning is the key.  There is no change without learning – organisational change cannot happen without people learning. Some of this is quite practical but, in a chaotic world, much now needs to go far deeper.  People need to learn to think and work in new ways, to unearth assumptions, to release preconceptions and past ‘truths’, to focus on what might be ‘possible’ and let go of what they think should be ‘likely’.  Above all, they need to be able to drive the learning for themselves. 

That kind of learning is complex –and it can’t be gained in the classroom. Learning needs to be located in the real opportunities of the organisation and in the actual relationships and concerns of the people who work in it.  It requires a strategic approach to development and therefore we support our clients in the following ways:


We are widely acknowledged for providing impactful leadership development through our unique results-oriented Self Managed Learning framework. We put each leader at the centre of their own learning, requiring them to take full strategic responsibility for turning the learning they choose into real action. There is nowhere to hide and within the psychologically safe/inclusive space we create, there is no desire or need to hide. We support each person to take a holistic, deep view of themselves and the context of the organisation in which they reside. Leaders learn 'how to learn' more effectively and how to support and challenge others in their learning through open, sincere dialogue. In this way,  there is alignment between individual and business aims, real change in behaviours and mindsets and increased levels of transparency and collaborative working across functional divides. The resulting greater level of social capital, residing as it does in the relationships between people, quite simply a) makes the organisation a better place to be and b) positively hits the bottom line.



We provide direct coaching and mentoring as well as developing coaches and mentors in organisations. We work at all levels though we have particular expertise in coaching and mentoring senior leaders.



We work on team ‘development’ rather than team ‘building’ as we recognise that people need to learn to work in a variety of teams and be able to respond to changing team membership  or shifting priorities and tasks. Team ‘building’ is a static metaphor where the removal of a ‘cornerstone’ from the team can result in its partial or complete collapse.  Our approach is learning based. We aim to develop capabilities that can be sustained over time and applied in changing circumstances.

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