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What services do we provide?

Learning is the key.  There is no change without learning – organisational change cannot happen without people learning. Some of this is quite practical but, in a chaotic world, much now needs to go far deeper.   People need to learn to think and work in new ways, to unearth assumptions, to release preconceptions and past ‘truths’, to focus on what might be ‘possible’ and let go of what they think should be ‘likely’.  Above all, they need to be able to drive the learning for themselves. 

That kind of learning is complex –and it can’t be gained in the classroom. Learning needs to be located in the real opportunities of the organisation and in the actual relationships and concerns of the people who work in it.  It requires a strategic approach to development and therefore we support our clients in the following ways:



Programmes where leaders at all levels take time out to work strategically on themselves and their businesses via both in-house and consortium programmes for board level leaders, where one leader from each of up to six non-competing organisations join a group. 



A ‘content-free’, transferable approach to assist teams to develop strategic plans that translate into implementation.  Our ‘U model’ creates a flow from Purpose through to individual Action and ensures alignment of both the ‘thinking’ and the ‘doing’.



We undertake organisational diagnoses through action research methods, recognising organisations as complex, open social systems.  We assist teams to formulate change strategies and interventions that align strategies, structures and processes with the necessary changes in culture, mindset, behaviour and attitude.



We work on team ‘development’ rather than team ‘building’ as we recognise that people need to learn to work in a variety of teams and be able to respond to changing team membership  or shifting priorities and tasks. Team ‘building’ is a static metaphor where the removal of a ‘cornerstone’ from the team can result in its partial or complete collapse.  Our approach is learning based. We aim to develop capabilities that can be sustained over time and applied in changing circumstances. 



We provide direct coaching and mentoring as well as developing coaches and mentors in organisations. We work at all levels though we have particular expertise in coaching and mentoring senior leaders.



We engage in research - both commissioned and our own.  Our approach is highly practical - much of it could be characterised as ‘action research’ - and is linked to direct application. We develop materials to support learning in organisations in our areas of expertise.  We also share our thinking through publishing books and articles.